Maternal Migration Background and Mortality Among Infants Born Extremely Preterm (with Jasper V. Been)

JAMA Network Open, 2023 (Open access)

Association Between Income and Perinatal Mortality in the Netherlands Across Gestational Age (with Jasper V. Been, Eddy Van Doorslaer, Pilar García-Gómez, and Tom Van Ourti

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Impact of the Great Recession on Self-Perceived Health in Spain: A Longitudinal Study with Individual Data (with Marc Saez and Guillem López-Casasnovas

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Working papers

Conditional Cash Transfers and Labor Market Conditions (with Teresa Molina)

[IZA Discussion Paper] [VoxDev Article]

Unravelling Hidden Inequalities in a Universal Public Long-Term Care System (with Pilar García-Gómez, Helena M. Hernández-Pizarro, and Guillem López-Casasnovas)

[TI Discussion Paper]

Work in progress

School Starting Age and ADHD (with Catia Nicodemo and Cheti Nicoletti; under review)

Deprivation Payments and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from the Netherlands (with Tom Van Ourti and Loes Bertens)